Delivering for You

Steve Pendery believes cooperation leads to better results for Campbell County residents. Working together with people and organizations throughout the County and across Northern Kentucky, Steve has delivered for our community. Under his leadership, Campbell County is…

  • Building the largest fiber optic internet service in the country – right to the door of every house.
  • Supporting first responders with a new radio system that is the largest regional project in Kentucky history.
  • Managing growth in a way that makes sense for Campbell County while creating jobs and expanding the economy. The $1 billion Ovation project rising from the ground in Newport is a prime example, as is the fact that the County is coming off it biggest year ever for building permits.
  • Saving you money and providing better service in water, sewer and public transportation.
  • Along with other counties, helping our region lead the state in job creation for a generation and keeping Northern Kentucky in the top ten of Kentucky’s 120 counties in every measure of economic and educational success.
  • Growing its parks system and continuing to improve the best senior services program in Northern Kentucky.

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